Noisy Latinos

It is Sunday 06/23/13, my first Sunday free from work in many weeks. Same laud music again from the same backyard, from the same Latin family, maybe new guests.

The people that lives in my block is very diverse in heritage, Asians, Latinos, Morocco, and a few Irish that are still remaining, but only the Latins families play laud music, even late in the night.

Sundays are not peaceful at home for almost not one, since these families take their backyards as ‘party-lands’, invading everyone’s else home with their loud music. Nobody can rest at home any more during the only one day that many have off, after a long week of work.

I just came back from speaking with a young lady that opened the door at said apartment. I spoke to her and asked her politely and assertively to low the music. I told her that if things does not change I will call 311 (I think it is useless, actually) and I will do everything I can to stop these constant noisy parties… They had lowed the music now (fearing the authorities). Only fear had moved them, not consideration for others. That openly showed their selfishness.

Years ago I hanged out with a precious little american girl who’s family was from Mexico. I remember some parties in her backyard, her father (who is a gentleman) never played any kind of music, in respect for his neighbors. They were a very rare and nice example of good social behavior in a Latin family.

Gaspar Payá
Woodside, NY.