Cameras in public spaces.

I would like cameras in every open and public space in cities and towns, as streets, colleges and parks. Everything must be recorded and monitored for safety.

Only privacy must be vividly protected at homes, private lands, and in any other kind of private property.

With the extensive use of cameras many crimes could be prevented, and many guilty criminals could be apprehended.

Cameras on the street could be banned in some neighborhoods and towns when the majority of the population vote against them.

Difficulty those that love safety and calmness will oppose to them in public spaces.

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Compulsory Birth Control Program

It is necessary to enforce a Compulsory Birth Control Program in some sectors of the society with serious problems of crime, poverty and drug-addiction.

Said Compulsory Birth Controls will have to be administered by social workers, psychiatrist and physicians, and by courts that, after listening to opinion of the other experts, will have the last word.

The methods for birth control would be of the kind of long-term, excluding any harmful methods as abortion (at least that prescribed by a physician after a thorough medical / psychiatric examination), being the sterilization also excluded for its inhumaneness. Only non-aggressive surgical sterilizations (as tubal ligation or vasectomy), could be performed when adult women and men, in full possession of theirs physical and mental faculties, request them from a court in order to help them to put order in their lives.

Compulsory administration of hormonal birth control, during periods of one to three years, should be enforced by a court in the following cases:

  • Women and mothers with drug-addiction problems, until a psychiatrist and physicians examination proves that the patient is fully recovered.
  • Teenagers mothers, from marginal environments with low-literacy and low-income, or that had suffered from child sexual abuse at home.
  • Single mothers with more than two children, who are dependent on continuous aid (welfare) to sustain.
  • Women with severe mental problems.
  • Medium and long term imprisoned mothers (over 3 years).
  • Women from marginal environments with record of grave felonies who had shown not regret and sincere desire of amendment.

This compulsory law has the only one intention of avoiding the birth of millions of innocent victims, that being born from those women will endure extreme situations in their poor neighborhoods and broken families, ending up the vast majority of those children as cannon fodder for the society.

In the other hand, the enormous sum of money currently employed in helping large and broken families, which fully rely on government assistance, should be women employed in the future in better assisting a fewer number of single mothers, and their unwanted children, in order to help them not to subsists in their marginal lives and neighborhoods, but to find the way to a better life.

Additionally, state and local government should offer low-cost or free birth control programs to young women in high-school and colleges, with assistance from sexologist or physicians, to any young woman that solicits them.

A program under the same basics should be implemented on men as soon as the pharmaceutical industries fully develop hormonal birth control systems for men.

Ticks, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rats… and pest control.

Under my humble opinion, the best way to eradicate all these plagues, that so much bad do to humans, pets and wild animals, is to genetically modify those insects, arachnids and rodents in order to generate females that only breed females, that in turn will only breed females as well. In a few cycles the total number of their population will diminish notably, and eventually they could disappear in many parts of the World.