Spain: Devil’s Paradaise

Spanish law is extremely benevolent with serial killers and rapists, and even with mobsters.

As examples:

José Ignacio de Juana Chaos, ETA member, killed 25 people, served only 21 years in prison. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown.

Inés del Río, ETA member as well, served only 27 years in prison for 24 assassinations, and was compensate with 30,000 € for the “extra” time she was imprisoned.

Gennadios Petrov, Rusian capo, escaped to Russia with a travel permit, with his wife and soon, in order to visit his “sick” mother, while being in custody of Spanish authorities.

«El Rafita», was just 14 years old when in 2003 in company of «El Ramón», «El Ramoncín» and «El Malaguita», systematically raped, seven times run over with a car, and finally burned alive 22 years old Sandra Palo, who suffered from intellectual disability. «El Rafita» served just 4 years in a detention center. He had continue his criminal record as a member gang specialized in stealing cars, being sentenced in 2013 just to 77 days in jail after he stole a car.

Pablo García Ribado, raped 74 women, he served only 17 years.

It is a shame to see how the Justice is systematically insulted and degraded by the Spanish Law.

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