The excess of immigration, mostly done by Islamic migrants, has broken Europe. The dream of a united Europe, where people could live together in peace and prosperity, has abruptly ended mostly as a consequence of the barbaric Islamic migration that is destroying Europe, and also, but in less degree, for the disastrous economic consequences of unrealistic socialist governments that rule many countries in the South of Europe.

I am writing this post with a deep feel of sympathy and condolence for British politician Jo Cox and her family (I hope that God have her into his Glory, and gives peace to his family).

Free Leopoldo López

Leopoldo López, a honest politician, a loving father and husband, and a brave peaceful man is being illegally imprisoned by Nicolás Maduro, a futile, uneducated and arrogant dictator.

I hope that international pressure someday could help to free Leopoldo.


Dirt in the MTA Metro-North Railroad

Last Saturday January 31, 2015 I traveled from Grand Central Terminal to Tarrytown, NY by train, with the MTA Metro-North Railroad, the busiest commuter railroad in the United States [1]. The headrest were disgusting dirty.

MTA Metro-North Railroad-1

MTA Metro-North Railroad-2

MTA Metro-North Railroad-3

MTA has been always deeply peppered with scandals, as it has been reported by many newspapers. Per example:

* The New York Times: A Disability Epidemic Among a Railroad’s Retirees (By Walt Bogdanich, Published: September 20, 2008)
* BloombergBusiness: N.Y. MTA Overtime Scam Netted Workers $1 Million, DiNapoli Says (By Freeman Klopott, Published: November 9, 2011)
* New York Post: 10 MTA workers busted for fraud scheme (By Antonio Antenucci, Published August 20, 2012)

The MTA is a Public Benefit Corporation that in my opinion produce very little benefits to the city of New York. With an astronomical budget of $13.6 billions (as 2014) the MTA delivers a very poor service to New Yorkers. A third world class service for the Capital of the World.

[1] Wikipedia

10 Questions About 9/11

These are my 10 questions about 9/11:

1) Why?

2) How?

3) Who won? – Meaning: Who got what he / they wanted?

If Usama Bin Laden (as the FBI named him) was the winner, because he hit first, he could be blamed by everyone of provoking over a decade of pain to the muslin world… and I doubt that he was so stupid (being so smart, as the CIA described him) of not knowing that attacking Americans in their own land will bring war to the Middle East and some Occidental Countries in Asia. I doubt he wanted to attack the US in US continental land.

In the other hand, if it was an internal job, those willing to attack the Middle East and bigger oil producers would have found the perfect excuse to initiate a war that in the first stages would have surrounded Iran with US forces. General Carl explain very well this last point [Video].


New Social Order

For centuries societies have been divided in stratums, organized by wealth and power. Before democracies arrived, societies used to be divided by royalties, nobles and clergy at the top level; followed by artisans and merchants; vassals; and slaves at the bottom level.

When democracies recently appear in many parts of the Western World, societies were divided in wealthy at the top, a new medium class, and the poor at the bottom. Politicians and clergy were mixed in different stratums.

With the recent dramatic development in technology, and with the appearance of new and more capable system for energy storage, a new stratum will appear in societies right between the medium class and the poor: The Robots.

Robots will directly compete with human in many jobs and services, and those (groups of) humans not capable of performing better than a Robot (physical works, and / or in intellectual and emotional capabilities) will have to be deleted gradually from the societies (through compulsory birth control programs).


Without noticing it, I suffered from bed-bugs for many months in my previous apartment in Woodside (Queens), NY; until I carried them with me to my new apartment in the same neighborhood. The city of New York is vastly infested with them. [It should be seriously considered to unban DDT for domestic use, especially in vacant apartments, and in hotels and restaurants].

After I realized about my undesirable guest in my new apartment, I decide to get rid of them (and forever) by isolating and trapping them. Bed-bugs can´t fly, and when hungry, they will walk around looking for you in the house. They feel your warmth and perceive your CO2, so they can track you. Placing adhesives traps on the floor, I was able to trap some of them, and the other will die from starvation and (liquid) Deltamethrin. I haven’t gotten a bite in over three years.

My bed bugs were hiring in the floor, at the edges of the carpet by the walls, not in my previous bed, which was a low-raised futon (I could not find them for weeks! I was expecting to see them in my mattress or between the blankets… it drove me crazy).

Steps to do:

  • RELAX, DO NOT PANIC!!! (I got as anxious as you are feeling now for sure, but it does not help).
  • Check and clean your bed fully, mattress, pillows and frame. Vacuum everything, and if needed, buy everything new (I did buy a new bed and frame).
  • ISOLATED YOUR BED. This is the most important thing to do. Change the frame and make sure you use well-polished (metal or wood) high legs for your bed, in a way that the blankets WILL NOT touch the floor while sleeping [Bed-bugs neither fly, nor jump, they only can reach you by walking, and they can walk very long distances for their size, but they CAN´T climb on vertical well-polished surfaces, because they complete slip on them]. Once you isolate your bed from walls, night tables, and the floor you will be able to sleep again. Remember, neither an electrical-cord can have contact with your bed (bed –bugs could walk through it like a bridge). Your bed must be fully isolated, so you can sleep again peacefully, what is the most important thing. You can place adhesive traps under each leg of your bed (with a piece of cardboard base for the leg to rest on it) for a few weeks. You will see the bed-bugs getting trapped there [Please, see pictures bellow].
  • Isolated your couch as well, use well-polished plastic extension legs (base extensions) to raise your cough, and when sitting on it make sure your feet does not touch the floor.  You can use the same adhesive type of traps as the one that you use in your bed on your couch.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum closets and dressers weekly, and the floor (especially the edges of the carpet) daily. Dispose the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, closed it, and place it in the garbage. Use a new vacuum bag each time.
  • Wash all your clothes, blankets and sheets. Use the dryer to kill the bed-bugs (49°C or 120°F, for about an hour). Put them back in transparent plastics bags in the closet and dresser. Keep your clean clothes always in closed plastic bags while exterminating them.
  • Never, ever, leave on the bed your coat or jacket, or any other clothes. Leave your pajama always on the bed, and take a shower before going to sleep, put your pajama in the bathroom and without sitting anywhere in the house go straight to your bed. Shake and clean your feet well before coming into your bed.
  • Spray liquid Deltamethrin in the edges of the floor, and between the open joints of the tiles of old wooded floors. If your floor is carpeted, spray a lot of liquid deltamethirn at the edges of the carpet. Deltamethrin has not odor and it is safe, and will easily kill nymphs (which are transparent and hard to see in your clothes), but difficulty adult bed-bags, but in any case it will avoid the new nymphs from developing, so you must fight only one cycle or generation of them.
  • Place many adhesive traps on the floor, especially near your bed and cough, bed-bugs smell your CO2 and feel your warmth, they will be looking for you.
  • Should you have a pet confine him/her in a room, isolated, never, ever allow your pet to be on your bed or cough, the bed-bug will travel with him/her. If needed, keep your pet in a safe place for at least three months.

With all this you will be free of bedbugs, without the assistance of a pest-control professional, in a few weeks, in safe way, without filling up your home with powdered-pesticides (that sadly, you will breathe for weeks).

Remember! Make the bed-bugs feel hungry, and they will look for you. Each bed-bug wants to feed every two or three days, and if they feel you, they will come out and look for you. If you keep old boxes or confined places closed for months, without thoroughly cleaning them, bed-bugs could be waiting there for you for over a year. Open everything, clean everything, and let them to get trapped in the adhesive traps and killed by the deltamethrin, while looking for you.

If you are living in a building, make sure your neighbors are clean of them; otherwise, they will be constantly returning to your apartment through the walls.

After I got rid of them, I do remember bringing one home in my coat (two years later) from an apartment in the East Village (I left my coat with other coats, on a bed). I saw it when it felt from my jacket after I got home. I saw one more in the R train on night…

If you come from trips, always wash and dry ALL your clothes, and place the suitcases in big plastics bags, isolated (if possible, left them to freeze outside in the winter time).

Good luck!

PS.- Should you have any questions, please, email me: kasper[@]kaspertheories[.]com. Thanks!






Usama (Osama) bin Laden

President Mr. Obama, former president Mr. Bush, The New York Times [1], The Washington post [2], and so on, had always blamed on Usama Bin Laden the authorship of the horrendous attacks of September 11th.

The truth is that after nine and a half years the FBI haven’t blamed directly on him about those attacks, only founding him responsible for: “Murder of U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Attack on a Federal Facility Resulting in Death” [3] [4] … but no a single word about the attacks of 9/11.

It is very frustrating to me to see how millions and millions of people cheered about the decease of the most infamous and wanted terrorist, without a single verifiable proof of his death.

We had been told that his body had been buried in the ocean, because religious reasons. But without body, without instant pictures, without videotape, without any witness not related to government agencies or departments able to verify the identity of the body…, what do we have? Just words.

The public enemy number one was lost for almost ten years, not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but in an allied sovereign land; and now is lost forever in deep sea waters….